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About Us

About Braggin

The Braggin App revolutionizes the realm of online dating by addressing and mitigating the shallowness that often plagues such platforms. Unlike conventional dating apps, our app prioritizes deeper connections and meaningful interactions over superficial judgments by implementing a unique approach.

By providing interactive features and prompts that encourage thoughtful exchanges, Braggin App encourages users to connect on a deeper level, fostering genuine connections and compatibility.

Braggin App allows no one will be allowed to create their own dating profile.

Instead involves a close friend/relative/co-worker (aka Sponsor) to create the profile on behalf of the single bachelor/bachelorette (aka Sponsee).

Our goal is to change the dating scene for singles, that would never consider making a dating profile for themselves.

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What’s Special About Braggin

A Platform that takes away the shallowness currently present in internet dating.

Unique Approach Model

That implements a unique approach that goes beyond the traditional self-profile model.

welcoming environment

A safe & inclusive space where individuals who may feel uncertain about dating can explore potential connections

Brag about your Sponsee

Sponsors can highlight the admirable qualities and unique attributes of the individual they are representing (sponsee).

Sponsee Profile

Having someone close to you describe your personality, achievements and interests makes it sound more genuine and authentic.

Genuine Users

Since, only a sponsor will be allowed to create a sponsee profile moving on to being approved by sponsee. This leaves no space for random and fake users.

User friendly

Simple & easy navigation through the app which makes it suitable for all generations Be it your mom, dad, Sister, friend or anyone else your are close to.


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Our Mission & Vision

An App that will help you change lives of your loved ones.

Braggin App was created to simplify the online dating realm and making it accessible to all generations. Keeping in mind that for a great majority of people, the thought of online dating is daunting and overwhelming. As often it feels a lot like applying for a job and/or submitting a resume; than it is going out on an exciting adventure and finding love by just being your original self.

We understand that there are many reasons why someone may be hesitant or reluctant to join traditional dating platforms, and we aim to break down those barriers and provide them with an inclusive and empowering experience. We strive to create a safe space where individuals who may feel uncertain about dating can explore potential connections without feeling pressured or judged. By fostering a supportive community, we hope to instil confidence and encourage those who have been hesitant to dip their toes into the dating pool.

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